How can you not see this connection.

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SKYRIM CHALLENGE: (Day 8) The Thieves Guild

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Animus Core

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I S  A   B E T T E R   H O M E   A W A I T I N G   I N   T H E   S K Y ?

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COMING 2.20.15

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I’m afraid I’m not that kind of Croft

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"It’s always too early to quit." - Norman Vincent

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red dead redemption + scenery

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“World War II, Japan and Egypt are kind of the three worst settings for an Assassin’s Creed game. People on the internet suggest the most boring settings.” — Assassin’s Creed creative director Alex Hutchinson. Past locales in the series include the Holy Land, the American Revolution, and three games in Renaissance Italy, with more installments set in Europe and North America upcoming. (via prompto)

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Vampire, Werewolf, or neither?

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  • bioware: no healing spells
  • fandom: get anders

the last of us + scenery


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t o g e t h e r.

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concept art series; final fantasy xiii

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