oh tekken, tekken 5 in particular it got the most steve/hwoa interaction…yeah do you want me to tag these?? I don’t usually talk about it much bc not a lot of people are into it so I get outta control with the tags and stuff, just let me know ok!

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no words can describe how wonderful they are. their sfxt ending was cool too because hwoa was like ‘yeah I can take 100 of them wouldn’t that be cool do you think we could hang put and train or something after this’ ahhhh I love them

literally man hwoa was like ’ notice me steve I got skills bro I can be on par with you’ and tried brushing it off with boasting about stuff he’s just so cute 

“Where the fear has gone there will be nothing… only I will remain.”

junkazamas said: i remember the opening when they were fighting and they looked at each other and I was like “holy shit badass look at how cute they look” and continued to talk about how awesome they were

sHIT YOU MEAN THIS  x what should I comment on first hahaah

junkazamas said: hwoarang and steve fox are the best partners like best bros

you bet they are, they look so good together man and it’s been going on since tek5 so it’s nothing new 


"Killing is an art, and I am a master."

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how can anyone hate hwoa he’s a cutie who loves vests and crop tops and steve fox

and steve foxnow u speaking my language  m8 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

this is totally unrelated but hwoa looks so cute in your icon

hwoa is never unrelated, it’s always a good time to talk about him /o/ isn’t he? his tek 6 ending was the best man 

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pray to yu yevon 
dream fayth
forever and ever
grant us prosperity